Friday, September 26, 2008

The end of the week.

It is Friday and we have had a great week overall. Catherine is settling in to her new class very well. Last night was a Spaghetti Dinner and Meet the Teacher night at the elementary school. We sat down with our spaghetti and two families who have children in Laura's class joined us, so that was fun. One was a little boy that Laura seems to have a bit of a crush on as she got very giggly and smiled a lot when he sat down. Then we went to the classrooms to here from the teachers on curriculum, classroom discipline and scheduling. It was a good insight into the classes that the girls are in, and a fun night over all. The school uses Saxon Phonics to teach reading. I know very little about it, however, from what I am learning think it is going to be excellent for helping Catherine develop in her reading.
Tonight Michael is having a "guys night" and is enjoying playing Risk. It is his first Risk game since leaving Nova Scotia, where he had been playing once a month! There are only three guys here, but enough food and drinks to feed a football team!
Laura and Graham had a play date this morning with a neighbor girl that Grandmother was watching this morning. They had a good time playing, although I think Graham was pretty disappointed that it was another girl. However, they always enjoy being and Grandmother's and Granddaddy's. Graham is anxiously awaiting to start "school", which will be a Mother's Day Out program at a church in the city when I return from Canada. Heidi has learned to say "shoe" and loves to where her little pink Robbies every day. The first thing she does when we take her out of the crib in the morning is look for her shoes and want them on her feet! It's pretty cute!
We are looking forward to a good family weekend before Mommy takes off for a couple of weeks. Please pray for safety for Mommy as she travels, and for Daddy and the kids as they are home together. By the way, Mommy is going all by herself! And daddy is going to take care of all four kids by himself! What an awesome dad!


At 1:14 AM, Blogger alayna said...

Hey! It's good to see an update. We think about and pray for you guys a lot. We are struggling just moving an hour and a half away from our previous place, so I can't even imagine what y'all are going through. Glad to hear things are going well in the immigration department, and we will keep praying for employment and school issues, and of course, all the kids. I'm going tomorrow to have a conference with Sam's teacher - raising kids is the hardest thing ever! Your little ones are adorable! I'll be checking back more often now that you've found some time to update.
Alayna (& Steve too!)


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