Friday, September 26, 2008

The end of the week.

It is Friday and we have had a great week overall. Catherine is settling in to her new class very well. Last night was a Spaghetti Dinner and Meet the Teacher night at the elementary school. We sat down with our spaghetti and two families who have children in Laura's class joined us, so that was fun. One was a little boy that Laura seems to have a bit of a crush on as she got very giggly and smiled a lot when he sat down. Then we went to the classrooms to here from the teachers on curriculum, classroom discipline and scheduling. It was a good insight into the classes that the girls are in, and a fun night over all. The school uses Saxon Phonics to teach reading. I know very little about it, however, from what I am learning think it is going to be excellent for helping Catherine develop in her reading.
Tonight Michael is having a "guys night" and is enjoying playing Risk. It is his first Risk game since leaving Nova Scotia, where he had been playing once a month! There are only three guys here, but enough food and drinks to feed a football team!
Laura and Graham had a play date this morning with a neighbor girl that Grandmother was watching this morning. They had a good time playing, although I think Graham was pretty disappointed that it was another girl. However, they always enjoy being and Grandmother's and Granddaddy's. Graham is anxiously awaiting to start "school", which will be a Mother's Day Out program at a church in the city when I return from Canada. Heidi has learned to say "shoe" and loves to where her little pink Robbies every day. The first thing she does when we take her out of the crib in the morning is look for her shoes and want them on her feet! It's pretty cute!
We are looking forward to a good family weekend before Mommy takes off for a couple of weeks. Please pray for safety for Mommy as she travels, and for Daddy and the kids as they are home together. By the way, Mommy is going all by herself! And daddy is going to take care of all four kids by himself! What an awesome dad!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Praising God

After sharing our journey and current prayer requests yesterday, I am excited to share also the way that God is answering prayers today!

First and foremost, Catherine woke up much more accepting of her transition to grade one in Texas and was even thinking that, "homework in grade one would probably be easier".

Second, we received a phone call from the US Consulate in Montreal letting me know that my appointment letter was being sent out, however under the circumstances could they move it up and what would work! Praise the Lord.
Heidi and I will be leaving on Tuesday, Sept 30 to spend two weeks with Grandpa and Grandma in Shubenacadie, NS and to get everything needed to complete the immigration process. We will return to Texas on October 15, and I should be a Permanent Resident, ready to take on Texas!! Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where are the Huttons now?

Posted September 23, 2008 to help clarify (I began writing it in July).
Here is a quick review of the last year so we are all on the same page. On August 19, 2007 we Baptized our baby girl, Heidi Marie Hutton, born April 23, 2007. On August 19, 2007 we said good-bye to partners in church planting, Matt and Terra Keith as they headed on to the next adventure of their lives and ministry. On August 19, 2007 we received a phone call from Michael's father, saying that earlier that morning Michael's sister Wendy had been murdered by her husband in a murder-suicide. It was a day that marked many things in our lives, and the day many things in our lives changed.

Our faith and dependence on God has grown stronger. We have been given a rare glimpse into the hearts of friends and strangers through people who have lifted up prayers on our behalf, given of their time and finances to help us make the biggest transition of our families life, all to help us love four boys who were orphaned that horrific day.

Many of you have reached out to us, and lifted us up in prayers and now wonder how we are doing, and what is going on in our lives. So here I am to try and update you. For Christmas last year we brought our family down to Lubbock, Texas to spend Christmas with Michael's parents and the boys. After the first of three weeks, we knew that we needed to relocate to Texas to help Michael's parents, and to be here for the boys. When we returned to Sydney, NS in January, we put a bid in on a house, just around the corner from Michael's parents, and begain the preparations on our home in Sydney to sell, and to begin the process of immigration. By spring break we really felt we needed to move sooner rather than later, and made the plan to be in Texas by June. On June 10, we boarded a plane on a cool early morning flight in Halifax. In the evening we arrived in Lubbock to 105 F. What a shock. The belongings we had shipped arrived the day before, and so we had beds ready and our own things in the house ready for us. What a blessing that was.

In June we set up house, unpacked and tried to stay cool. It was a record breaking month! The month of July was spent with kids in swimming lessons at Texas Tech Aquatic Center. They did two sessions, a total of four weeks of swimming lessons which was great for everyone. August was when reality hit for all of us. We have had some tense days trying to figure out how to make this all work. Right now, the boys remain with Michael's parents. We are enjoying building relationships with them and finding out what makes each one tick. August also brought with it the beginning of school, which all the adults were very glad to see. Dawson turned 13 in September, and is at Evans Middle School, Shaderick 10, Tyson 9, Catherine 7, Laura 5 and Derrick 5 are all at Waters Elementary School and of course Graham 3 and Heidi 17 months are home with mom and dad.

Michael is still looking for full time work. He is preaching at a small United Methodist church on Sundays where his only responsibility is to preach. He has also been hired by Marketplace Chaplaincy which offers chaplains to businesses in cities across the country, and this is contract work ( Michael hopes to see Marketplace's presence grow in Lubbock and is prepared to work to that end. I am still awaiting my Permanent Residence status, and am in the country on a visitor Visa. Please pray for full time employment and for the Permanent Residence status to come through.

So, how are we doing really? Some days feel great, other days are challenges like we've never imagined we would face. To be honest this has been a very hard and trying four months. There are many days we cry out to God because that's all we feel like there is left to do. He never fails us. On those days we always hear from someone about people lifting us up and standing in the gap for us. In fact, today was one of those days. We had to break Catherine's heart today and tell her she needs to leave her grade two class and do grade one in Texas. Due to some struggles Catherine has had with reading, and due to the huge difference in curriculum between the school in Nova Scotia and the school here in Texas we truly feel this will be the best for her long term education. But today, it breaks her heart, and ours too. I know in a month, we will look back on this day and be very glad we did it, so we are trusting the Heavenly Father to tend to these wounds too. Today I received a note on Facebook and a phone call saying we were being prayed for. In the midst of the storm He knows where we are and what we are going through.

Thank you all for your prayers, for your encouragement and for your love. We give God all the praise and glory for what He is doing everyday in and through us, and for His many provisions in our lives.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hmmm...Life's Lessons

Well, my experiences as an at-home real estate person have shown my lack of experience, but have given me some valuable life points. At the first of March we had made a deal to sell our home and had a contract on it and had lined up the inspection. Two days after the inspection...the purchaser dropped out leaving us feeling pretty disappointed and back at square one. The problem was that I trusted the word of a person (which turned out to be empty) instead of double checking with my lawyer before making a move which gave this person an out without any legal ramifications., I ask myself, "should I stop trusting people....become jaded and give up on humankind?"

We are ready to be in Lubbock, TX since we made the decision to move...and the finances will dry up and the church has moved on beyond the Hutton family (as it should and must). This leaves us ready to get out of dodge not because we are anxious to be out of Sydney (we love it), but because there is something very important for us to do and be in Lubbock. So, with all that verbally expelled, I should say that I have determined that human nature and its deceit at times is not a reason to give up on humankind, but to continue to live faithfully to Christ and to reach out in love to my fellow man and woman. I am reminded of a song by Keith Green. The song goes, "I was so lost...and you showed the way, you showed the way...I was so lost and you showed the way to me. I was lied to and you told the truth, you told the truth. I was lied to and you told the truth to me." It is not humankind in whom I place my faith and trust...but in the eternally loving Jesus.



Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh, Canada!

As of Thursday, March 13, 2008 I am now a permanent resident of Canada! Thanks to my lovely wife, Tammy, I am eligible to maintain this status even in Texas! This makes traveling and even coming back to Canada someday a real possibility (though we have no plans that way). Currently we are planning to move back to Texas in early May. Our house is sold and all the details are coming along thanks to God's good care. Anywhoo, just thought I'd update on my status as both a US citizen and Canadian permanent resident! :)



Sunday, March 09, 2008

US/Canadian family

Just wanted to report that the Huttons are now dual citizens/residents. All of our kids now have their citizenship for both the US and Canada. Tammy is well on her way to permanent residency in the US and I have just been granted my permanent resident's status in Canada. I am allowed to keep the status once we leave Canada because living with Tammy anywhere in the world is considered by the Immigration organization of Canada as living on Canadian soil. There has got to be a reason for the way all of this has come together for us in a relatively 'easy' fashion. I use quotations because there have been months of waiting and cash put out for this to happen, but it all came down at once before we are to move to Texas...May 5th. God is good and we are on our way to a smooth :) transition. More later.

Monday, March 03, 2008

On The Road Again

Hello there friends of the Hutton clan. We have some wonderful praises...good news to report. In preparations for moving to Lubbock we have to sell our house. The good news is that we have a deal on it for just over what we hoped to get for it. That puts us in the clear and pays for legal fees! That is definitely a God thing in action in our lives which strengthens our faith in Christ all the more! The next biggie from our past weekend is that there is a couple seriously considering coming to Sydney and picking up the work we will be leaving in planting Harbour Church. Again, a big answer to prayer. The next big thing for us is to find a they say, "get a job!" So, we are smiling and again we have to say "God is good!"

(pictured: DS David and Joanne LeRoy, Wendy Markey)